Good morning?

The weirdest thing happened this morning.

I was sleeping. I had this really weird dream where I was watching TV shows in a movie theater (who knows). Suddenly, my mobile phone (the real one) started vibrating. It was a call. Somehow, I knew it was a phone call and not an e-mail/text message (in my sleep no less! I remember making a decision during my dream!) and darted up out of bed.

It's 7:50AM so I'm a bit groggy... I pick up the phone...

"Hello? (In a groggy voice) "Hello, Alan?" "No... I think you have the wrong number" . Ugh.. it's a wrong number. I hate when that happens. But then, she says "Is this Matt?" "Yes...". Weird... I wasn't expecting a phone call from anyone this early in the morning asking for an Alan. I don't even know an Alan. At first it sort of sounded like my mother, but then I realized she had a chinese accent. Maybe it was an important call?
So anyway, this lady on the phone starts going off about what the phone number she has is and tells me it's 5:00PM there (my guess is she's calling from China) so that's why she's calling now. I'm just out of it and confused, and this lady is going on and on.
Finally, I go "Who are you trying to get through to?". Here's the rest of the dialogue:
"I told you, you have the wrong number"
"You don't live with Alan?"
"But your name is Matt?"
"Yes... Who are you?"
"Alan's mom. Can I talk to Alan?"
"I don't know any Alan"
"So I have the wrong phone number?"
"Ok bye"
*hang up*

So weird...