Stack has officially hit the heap

Normally, I would refrain from using such profane words on my blog... But looking at what I'm about to go through for the next three weeks, I'm fairly certain I'm allowed to do so...

So, in a nutshell here is my next four weeks:

Week of Jan 28: CS 360, CO 351 due
Week of Feb 4: CO 331, CO 351, CO 487, CS 489 due
Week of Feb 11: CO 351, CS 456, CS 360, CO 331 quiz, CS 360 midterm, CS 489 midterm
Week of Feb 25: CO 351 midterm, CS 456 midterm (and potentially more. don't know yet)

CO 331: Coding Theory
CO 351: Network Flow Theory
CO 487: Applied Cryptography
CS 360: Theory of Computing
CS 456: Computer Networks
CS 489: Computer Security and Privacy

What the hell possessed me to take six faculty of math courses?

Edit: I was annoyed by the profanity.