This is why I love Amazon

Ars Technica has reported on a recent ruling by French courts in the case of French Booksellers' Union vs.
In a nutshell, instead of caving to France's arcane laws on selling books (from 1981: before the advent of the internet), Amazon is willing to stomach a €1,000 per day levy to ensure that it's customers continue to receive free shipping on books. This fee is set for 30 days, at which point the french courts will decide whether they will increase or decrease the levy. It is believed they will decide to increase it to pressure Amazon to begin charging for shipping.

According to Ars, France's laws states that booksellers are not permitted to sell books at a discount greater than 5%, which for some reason applies to shipping costs (France's booksellers union claims that the shipping cost is more than 5% of a book's value).

Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos on the other hand has begun an online petition to defend free shipping, which has over 120,000 signatures already. This is why I love Amazon as a company. When I was interning at Amazon, customer experience was the top priority of every project. They always do their best to provide for customers, and it is clearly evidenced by their willing to pay fees so the customer doesn't have to.

Source: Amazon's free shipping costing €1,000 per day in France - Ars Technica