The decision is made

It's official.

Starting April 28th, 2008 (barring any delays due to visas), I will begin my internship as a Software Development Engineer working for in Tokyo, Japan.
I've been in talks for a while about this, but I didn't want to say anything until I held the papers in my hand. Now I can say with certainty that I will be going for sure.
Of courses, there could be some extreme wild scenario which could block me from going... But I'm fairly certain those won't be happening ;)

Now to survive the rest of this term. The funny thing is for me to arrive before the 28th, I need to fly out of YYZ (Toronto) on the 26th. My last exam is on April 23rd, so I will have 2 days to move out of Waterloo and pack for Tokyo.
And, I'll probably have to skip a couple days of school to go visit the Japanese consulate in Toronto. Fun times.

The week of hell is over

Finally, after two weeks of incredible amounts of stress and homework, I am done for reading week.

How bad was my week, you ask. Here's what my schedule was like

  • Last week: 1 assignment due wednesday, 3 assignments due friday
  • This week: 1 assignment due tuesday, 1 test on wednesday, 1 midterm on wednesday night, 1 midterm thursday, and 2 assignments due friday (today), one of which is worth 10% of my mark. (One thing for almost every course)

Needless to say, I'm tired. This has been such a brutal month of school so far. Thankfully, I have reading week to relax and procrastinate studying for my two midterms in one day the week after reading week. But, with that said, I'm looking forward to a week of virtually nothing.

I swear, all my profs colluded together to crush my soul... And it may have worked.



I am pleased to announce, that after spending nearly a whole day trying to get this to work instead of studying, my photoblog has now launched!
My photoblog can be found at, or by simply clicking on the "Photoblog" link in the menu above!
For now, the photoblog has it's own theme, and that's because I haven't had the time to create a new one yet. Hopefully, soon the photoblog will adopt the same theme as all pages across (such as this blog).

If all goes well, there will be a new photo everyday!

I hope you enjoy!

Is Google afraid?

First, read the linked article on Google's Official Blog: Yahoo! and the future of the internet

Does anyone else find this incredibly hilarious? It sounds like Google is petrified of the idea of Yahoo! and Microsoft merging. Almost to the tune of "What?! NO! MICROSOFT CAN'T BUY YAHOO!! LOOK HOW BAD IT IS!!! THIS CAN'T HAPPEN!".
It smells of a cheesy smear campaign... "In 1995, Microsoft was sued by the US government for extending unfair practices. Microsoft establishes proprietary monopolies and then strongholds its dominance into new marks with a vengeance. Do you want this company to apply these same practices on your open internet? Vote for Google".

Of course, I don't like Microsoft buying Yahoo! either. If flickr becomes a Microsoft product, I might actually cry.
However, the fact that Google would post such a harsh stance, on it's official blog no less, is quite surprising, but also very amusing.

On another, funny note: While I was at a Staples today, I noticed that on one of their display computers, some person opened up Notepad and left the message "Microhoo vista sucks!". haha... Microhoo.