Is Google afraid?

First, read the linked article on Google's Official Blog: Yahoo! and the future of the internet

Does anyone else find this incredibly hilarious? It sounds like Google is petrified of the idea of Yahoo! and Microsoft merging. Almost to the tune of "What?! NO! MICROSOFT CAN'T BUY YAHOO!! LOOK HOW BAD IT IS!!! THIS CAN'T HAPPEN!".
It smells of a cheesy smear campaign... "In 1995, Microsoft was sued by the US government for extending unfair practices. Microsoft establishes proprietary monopolies and then strongholds its dominance into new marks with a vengeance. Do you want this company to apply these same practices on your open internet? Vote for Google".

Of course, I don't like Microsoft buying Yahoo! either. If flickr becomes a Microsoft product, I might actually cry.
However, the fact that Google would post such a harsh stance, on it's official blog no less, is quite surprising, but also very amusing.

On another, funny note: While I was at a Staples today, I noticed that on one of their display computers, some person opened up Notepad and left the message "Microhoo vista sucks!". haha... Microhoo.


Jeff said...

Microhoo Flickr??? NOOO!

Matt said...

My thoughts exactly.