The week of hell is over

Finally, after two weeks of incredible amounts of stress and homework, I am done for reading week.

How bad was my week, you ask. Here's what my schedule was like

  • Last week: 1 assignment due wednesday, 3 assignments due friday
  • This week: 1 assignment due tuesday, 1 test on wednesday, 1 midterm on wednesday night, 1 midterm thursday, and 2 assignments due friday (today), one of which is worth 10% of my mark. (One thing for almost every course)

Needless to say, I'm tired. This has been such a brutal month of school so far. Thankfully, I have reading week to relax and procrastinate studying for my two midterms in one day the week after reading week. But, with that said, I'm looking forward to a week of virtually nothing.

I swear, all my profs colluded together to crush my soul... And it may have worked.