Didn't I learn this already?

This term, I've had most of my courses overlap... 

With the exception of CS 360 (Theory of computing), all my other courses have used theories and concepts studied further in other classes I am taking this term. 

For example, concepts from Network Flow Theory is used by Computer Networks in our study of routes and multicast. Also, Computer Networks used theories of Coding Theory for bit error detection/correction in the link layer.

But this doesn't compare to the web that is Computer Networks, Computer Security, and Cryptography.
Computer Networks ideas were studied in Computer Security and Cryptography. Cryptography was used in Computer Networks and Computer Security. And finally, Computer Security was used in Computer Networks and Computer Security. 

Look, they're all linked together like a perfect digraph (I've been studying too much...)


shell said...

Yeah, I remember studying Dijkstra's algorithm in Graph Theory, Networking, Algorithms, and Optimization during my undergrad.