Free music!!

One of the great things about working at Amazon is the loads of free giveaways we get.

Today I went down to the music department and culled the giveaway shelf, or at least partially. It was pretty much all Japanese, which is pretty exciting. I was looking for new J-music!

What's great is that I can try a lot of these artists without having to make any sort of payment and thus I find new music I like!

Today I got 5 CDs and 3 made the cut. Next week, I'll definitely be going back to find some more new music.

By the way, if you're wondering which artists I like, here they are:


Diana said...

i got to admit, i´m kinda jealous... are you gonna have these benefits after you come back from JP?

Matt said...

Unfortunately no :(

Unless I can get one of my friends to ship me some of the good stuff sitting on shelves.