Dangerous Mix

The following is a dangerous mix:

  • 2 hours of sleep
  • Waking up at 4AM to Quest telling me I can't enroll in certain courses
  • Drinking a Tall Cafe Latte, Grande Americano, and Matcha (Green Tea) Frappacino  with two espresso shots (no whip) within an hour
I'm going to bed at 21:00 tonight. 

Good night to JP and gokigenyo to those on the flipside. 

(gokigenyo = 御機嫌よう = Have a nice day)


Chris said...

2hrs sleep…? Where were you? Club Asia/AgeHa/Alife/Muse/Womb? Or did you just miss the last train like I did last weekend?

Oh yeah, Matcha Frappu is so much better than the other 2008 Summer drinks they're advertising. Japan wins.

Matt said...

I was at home. I just couldn't fall asleep and then I had to get up to sign up for courses

Anonymous said...

you're crazy :) ... you must have been hyper after all that caffeine!