Cheap textbooks = good

To my Canadian readers:

There's a textbook sale going on at for (up to) 37% off new books and up to 90% off used textbooks!

I remember I bought a textbook for one of my classes off of Amazon with rush shipping and it still cost less than buying it at the Waterloo used book store. I later sold it for $20 more than I paid for it ;)
I also found out this book (Introduction to Algorithms, Second Edition for CS 340) cost $80 less (for a new one) than it does at the campus book store. Crazyness, eh?

Here is a link to the sale: Textbook store


Anonymous said...

Are sale prices marked on individual items? None of my texts have dropped in price :( . Am I out of luck, or is there a trick to applying the discount?

Matt said...

It looks like you're out of luck :(
Maybe they'll drop the prices as it gets closer to school time...

Or they've somehow managed to find a way to keep their strangle on you :P

Anonymous said...

Bummer dude. Oh well. Got one of them used already. Might invest in a really nice anatomy atlas, and avoid the lame-o student version. Here's for defying the textbook "requirements".