Hokkaido this weekend!

Friday August 22nd, I am going to Hokkaido to spend the weekend with Isis and Kiyo!
Oh yes, and eat a lot of seafood.

So there are four things that excite me about this trip
1. First time to Hokkaido and anything North of Nagano/Tokyo (they're about the same in terms of north)
2. I get to fly in Japan for the first time
3. I get to fly in a double decker plane for the first time ever (and we're on the top deck!)
4. I get to check into my flight with my mobile phone.

What? mobile phone?
That's right. Let me describe to you how it's done:
1. Buy your tickets online. Pay for them either by credit card, convenience store, or bank transfer
2. Take your osaifu-keitai enabled mobile phone (or Edy enabled ANA milage card. I have both)
3. At the airport, arrive at least 15 minutes (that's right. 15 minutes) before your flight leaves at security and tap your phone/card on the reader
4. At your gate, tap your phone/card on the reader and board the plane (10 minutes before your flight leaves).
5. Sit back and relax

Oh right, and you can also do step 1 from the mobile browser on your phone.
Let's see you do that with your silly iPhones.

There are also other methods of checking in online (such as printing your pass or downloading a QR code to your mobile phone), but this one is so much cooler.


Anonymous said...

Double-decker??? Within Japan?? I always thought those guys did super-long distances. That's pretty cool. Take pictures?

Matt said...

I know, weird eh?

I'm excited to be on the top level!
Flight in 8 hours!