Metrics are a lot of fun. It's always cool to watch the statistics of my blog and see where/how people landed onto my site.
Apparently, over the last month, 50.91% of traffic to my blog has been through referring sites (although I believe part of that is me. I should fix that), 21.82% organic growth through search engines, and 27.27% direct traffic.
See, isn't that cool?

And the great thing is, I can break it down further! For example, Mr. Jason Booy's blog ( has contributed to 20% of the traffic to my site!
That's second to direct clickthroughs. Impressive, Jason... Thanks for the traffic ;)
What's also awesome is that I can see what search terms people have been using to stumble upon my blog. The weirdest one so far (only 1 person it seems) is "daiso japan clothes dryer". Pretty nifty.
(You may notice that I've only posted percentages. The reason being is that the numbers behind the percentages are pretty pathetically low. Go figure, eh)

It's also a lot of fun to watch metrics at work. Every morning I check how much money things I created have been contributing to cash flow, in addition to overall company health (only a moron would ignore the state of the company they work for). It's actually pretty surprising (and awesome) at how much I've been making for the company!
I can't wait to see how my next (top secret) project will bring in the mad internet cashs... Unfortunately, I leave shortly after it launches, but I'll be there to see the huge spike!


Tony said...

It's very cool that Amazon has a system that allows people to see how they've been contributing to the company's success. I bet that is a big motivator :-)

Unknown said...

you are a nerd!! but i admire your interest in the business you work for. i would be honoured to be your manager some day when i get my MBA and am your boss. bahahah;aahweg;pouiwahegp;ohig

Matt said...

Amanda: hahaha you wish.

Anonymous said...

Yay :) !! Oh, I'm so glad that you're getting traffic from my blog!! Of course, some that is just me, since that's how I get myself over here ;) !

On another note, I'm definitely excited to see your blogging rate sky-rocket! I'm off to read your other posts and catch up ...

Ooh... what's this secret project? Can you tell us about it after it launches?