Why I will be voting this October 14th

While it's not 100% decided yet, I'm fairly certain in under one year, I will be residing outside of Canada for an extended period of time for work.
Let me put it simply: I'm leaving the country.

Why, though? Everyone who knows me knows that I love Canada and the role my country plays in making our world a better place. There's no other passport in the world I would rather hold.

Well, there are a multitude of reasons why I am making the choice to leave for work.
For one, the number of opportunities in my field is incredibly limited in Canada. Yes, there are many jobs in "high tech" centers like Waterloo or in Toronto's financial district, but most of the companies or work seem relatively uninteresting to me.
However, more importantly, I feel that our previous governments have made it incredibly difficult for companies to establish themselves in Canada (branch offices of foreign companies, new companies, etc) by either taxing them to death or putting in place laws to protect the interests of monopolies simply because they're Canadian.

So then why am I voting in this next federal election?
First and foremost, it is not only my right as a citizen of Canada to vote, but I believe it to be my (and every other citizen's) civic duty to voice their opinions on who they want at the helm of their nation. The result of apathy among voters is an unfair government and a poorly performing country.
Second, I want things to change. I want the next government to make me and other skilled Canadian workers want to come back home and work in Canada. There is a very clear trend by many in the high tech industry to emigrate to the United States and Asia, where there are plenty more high paying jobs.

Hopefully, under the right leadership, Canada will grow to become a technological powerhouse in the coming years.

"Finance isn't as unstable as you think"

One year and 6 months ago I had an interview with Barclays Capital for an internship in Tokyo, Japan.

At the time, I had mentioned that work in the finance sector interested me because of market forces, how they worked, and how easy it is for companies to fail at the drop of a hat thanks to rumors and investor confidence.
His response to me saying that was "Finance isn't as unstable as you think".

Tell that to Lehman Brothers, Bear Stearns, Merril Lynch, AIG and the others who will soon follow.