What the f*** Quebec?

Sometime in the near future, it will become easy for French labour to work in Quebec, and vice versa.
Now, you may say 'Great! We're making it easier for French labour to work in Canada and Canadian labour to work in France!'.
Let me reiterate:
'It will be incredibly easy for French labour to work in Quebec, and vice versa.'

That's correct. Quebec and France are making it easy to exchange labour between each other but in no way does this benefit the rest of the country.
In fact, once this piece of legislation comes into effect, it will be easier for a French national to work in Quebec than it would be for a Canadian national from any of the other nine provinces or three territories. It is absurd that Quebec is instituting these laws to deter Canadians from relocating to Quebec but is making it incredibly easy for French nationals.
Even Quebec's Minister of International Relations, Monique Gagnon-Tremblay, agrees: "It's abnormal [that it's easier for the French] but we hope negotiations among the provinces will eventually make mobility easier. It is inadmissible that we can have a deal like this with France but not among ourselves". So then why did you establish such a deal with France before the rest of Canada?
That's not all. Maybe I'm being too cynical, but look at who made that statement: Quebec's Minister of International Relations. This begs the question: Why does Quebec have its own Minister of International Relations and why does the minister of international relations deal with other provinces?

Another consequence of this relationship is that it makes it easier for French nationals to apply for Canadian citizenship. This on its own is ridiculous. We're making it easy for foreigners to become Canadians while Quebec reaps all the benefits. It seems like Quebec is trying to join the EU.

It seems like my worst fear becoming reality. Is this the beginning of the end to Canadian unity?

Source: The Globe and Mail - French workers gain access to Quebec market (October 17, 2008)


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Let's start anew

Global markets are swimming deep in the reds, the price of crude oil is falling like a rock, and the banks are failing left, right, and center.
All five economists of Canada's top five banks all agree that we're headed for more than a recession and that we won't see any growth in the Canadian economy until late 2009. The S&P/TSX composite has fallen almost 35% from June from 15,000 points down to 10,230.43 (as of 2008/10/6). The Canadian dollar has fallen from $1.07 almost a year ago down to 97 cents a week ago and 90.8 cents today.

Putting all this together, we have an incredibly bleak year ahead of us.

Who wants to buy an island and start a new country with me?