Let's start anew

Global markets are swimming deep in the reds, the price of crude oil is falling like a rock, and the banks are failing left, right, and center.
All five economists of Canada's top five banks all agree that we're headed for more than a recession and that we won't see any growth in the Canadian economy until late 2009. The S&P/TSX composite has fallen almost 35% from June from 15,000 points down to 10,230.43 (as of 2008/10/6). The Canadian dollar has fallen from $1.07 almost a year ago down to 97 cents a week ago and 90.8 cents today.

Putting all this together, we have an incredibly bleak year ahead of us.

Who wants to buy an island and start a new country with me?


AngryBirdsGuide.info said...

I've been looking into buying an island for quite some time now, actually. I WAS planning on naming it Jordania, but I suppose we could come up with a compromise. ;)